AMSI Winter School 2018

on Curvature

University of Queensland

2 July – 13 July

“The curvature tensor of a Riemannian manifold is a little monster of (multi)linear algebra whose full geometric meaning remains obscure. — Mikhail Gromov.

In this year’s Winter School, we will shed some light on this little monster, revealing it to be a powerful and informative creature that governs much of the behaviour of a manifold:  its topology, its small scale structure, and the solutions to differential equations upon it. We’ll study the role curvature plays in conformal geometry; the use of curvature flows;   and geometric singularities, where the curvature becomes unbounded.”

The aim of AMSI Winter School 2018 is to develop the next generation of mathematical scientists who can thrive in tomorrow’s information age. Our impressive lineup of international and national speakers will build knowledge in this field, and introduce students to a range of topical applications. The School will feature modules on Geometric Analysis, Curvature Flows and Singularities.

Hosted by The University of Queensland this winter, the School is designed for postgraduate students and early-career researchers in the mathematical sciences and cognate disciplines. Students and early-career researchers working specifically in this area of study are of course encouraged to attend: however, the school is a great opportunity for those working in other areas of the mathematical sciences to strengthen their mathematics toolkit.